Origin Story

     It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and LOKR BOX is a true example of this adage. The idea for LOKR BOX came from Coach Jay’s recognition that something needed to be done to make locker rooms a safer place for the teams that he was working with.

   The scenario: twenty ten year-old boys in a locker room, all scrambling to snag a hook or two for their jerseys, pants, skates, pads, helmets, and other miscellaneous equipment all chaotically strewn in front of them on the floor. As a lifelong and avid hockey player himself, Jason remembered these disorganized days. In a coaching role, he knows that the safety of all his players is a primary responsibility. The solution was borne from the locker rooms of professional hockey players. Every player has a designated spot with adequate hooks, space, and storage for all the items as they need to don. While this is not a financial option for most areas across the world, LOKR BOX utilizes the hooks that are already installed in arena change rooms and provides a much safer changing area for youth and adults alike.

"Coach Jay"


Jason Campbell pitching his idea

   Having built a plethora of prototypes with design tweak after design tweak, Jason faced a new problem. Jason, an employee of the Municipality of Clarington, is a light equipment operator, not a manufacturer. He was just a guy with an invention that could change the way locker rooms operated for millions of players. With little experience in the world of sales, Jason turned to an unlikely group of people – the Dragons of CBC’s hit-show The Dragons Den. Jason presented his case to the moguls, and his proposal was well received. The experience of pitching to the dragons was life-changing. After his deal was accepted on the show, he was flooded with thousands of individuals inquiring about how, where, and when they could get their hands on the LOKR BOX. Teams wanted sets, while individuals wanted to buy them for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. It was clear this was a product that was needed.

     Unfortunately, the deal with the Dragons was not meant to be, but rather than opting to end his journey there, Jason proceeded to investigate other avenues that would see his invention become a reality. He came across a Canadian inventor with over 40 years of experience and 600 patents to his name: Wayne Conrad. Jason reached out to Wayne and his team at Omachron to see if they could offer any assistance in design and manufacturing. Upon meeting, there was great synergy between Wayne and Jason, and they worked together to improve the design to include over 200 hooks, storage for helmets, pads, and other gear. With Omachron’s unique technologies, they created a manufacturable product that is made from post-consumer recycled plastic that is obtained directly from their own community.

     The idea of LOKR BOX came from a fundamental desire to make change rooms safer, but it also created quite the buzz with the youth who were Jason’s beta group. Their eyes lit up when they walked into the room with the LOKR BOX prototypes already hung on the walls, and they enthusiastically proceeded to set their equipment up. Hockey families know the importance of routine and structure, and this product compliments both. The players can use it to set up equipment, and also hold their freshly pressed suits while they play their games. It makes any locker room look and feel like a professional locker room.